Being able to design our own website, while it is something that really appeals to the artist in me, is also a lot of work.  Fun work, but work nonetheless.  Mainly it’s the learning curve — nearly vertical.  How to offer images of our work that are true, crisp and inviting; how to manage information and make the site easy to navigate; and how to inform our patrons and give you all a place to visit with us and one another — these are just some of the issues.

You can help out by sending your comments.  Is the site easy to get around on?  Are there other things you’d like to see?  What doesn’t seem to be working real well?  What is working great?

Reply to us here on this page, or, if you don’t want your comment published, put it on the “Contact Us” page.  Or tell us what you really love about us and our work and we’ll put it on the “Testimonials” page.  Which, as you can see, is currently blank.

Thanks for loving us.