Laurie Gudim Religious Iconography

A religious icon is a window. It is always that way, from the first moment a brush full of paint is laid to wood. The artist is a vessel as it, itself is. It is written in prayer. This means that the artist centers herself and empties herself and then prays a simple mantra-like yearning the whole time she is working. It’s a variation of the Jesus prayer, and it goes like this, “Beloved Jesus, Master, have mercy on me and guide me.”

Here’s one of the icons that Laurie has written.

Julian of Norwich

At the window of her anchorage, Julian would offer spiritual direction to all who came to her.  Here is a window to her window, where she will inform you.

detail of this icon:

Julian of Norwich 1 sm

Laurie’s prayer while she writes her exquisite icons helps her to rest in God.  This transports her images, making them windows to the realm of heaven.  Windows do not profess to be perfect, being made of wood and paint, and neither are icons.  But they do invite you into a relationship with something that your own heart will recognize, because that is where God can be found: in your heart.

This icon is for sale. There is also a small print of it available. Follow the link below to see all Laurie’s icons and prints.