About Laurie Gudim

In my mid twenties, in Jungian analysis, I learned a healthy, creative relationship with the soul.  On that path of self-discovery I realized that I wanted to be a companion to others as they took the same journey, and so I became a psychotherapist working from a Jungian perspective.
I have also always been a creative, in love with form and color and using the written word to telegraph beauty and the wisdom of human souls.
Over the years I learned that the real work of healing lies in establishing a dynamic relationship with the Holy.  This is the most important thing — what we’re created for.  Each of us comes to our own right relationship with God — a very personal one — using a language that makes sense to us, the stories of the traditions that speak our hearts.  I am an Episcopalian, a progressive Christian and a Jungian.  I love the Christian stories first because I grew up with them and then because they teach me how to be in relationship with the Divine.  I love sharing them in my art.  I love the yoke imposed by serving God and my neighbor to bring the Kingdom of God more alive in the world.
I was born in Wyoming and moved all over the western U.S. when I was growing up.  I love the wilds for their silence and vastness, and feel a kinship with all created beings –four-footed, winged, standing and crawling — not to mention the rock spirits that populate this great land.
I live in Fort Collins with my partner, Rosean, and my sister, Carrie.  We have four children and ten grandchildren, and many wonderful friends.
My novel, Loving the Six-toed Jesus was just published and is available here.