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Rosean and Laurie are followers of Christ who value reason, prayer, tradition, education, and the study of scripture.  Laurie as an Episcopalian lay leader and Rosean as a deacon in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.

  • Laurie has been a religious iconographer for 20 years.  She leads workshops and groups focusing on contemplation, dreamwork, creating a spiritual autobiography, and contemplative creativity.  In April of 2017, she published her novel, Loving the Six-toed Jesus. 
  • Deacon Rosean, who has cultivated her devotion to Mary, Mother of God, since she was a child, sculpts tender images of the Blessed Mother in clay.

Spiritual art is a creative outpouring which is the response to a contemplative engagement with God.

Our work is a celebration of the multi-faceted, joyful Creativity that fills the cosmos and binds everything together with love.  Crossing all barriers, bursting all prisons, and exploring all possibilities, God is.

Contact us at: laurie@everydaymysteries.com